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Security & VIP Protection

"Security provides freedom from perils and safeguards against crime."

We are a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured Private Investigative Agency that provides Comprehensive, Confidential and Discrete Private Investigation services to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We offer such services as:

  • Mobile Surveillance on your employees, competitors or spouse.
  • Undercover Investigations in the workforce.
  • Electronic Surveillance on your employees, spouse or significant other. 
  • Background Checks on a potential "Internet Bride", person you have met over the internet, competitor, potential investor or potential employee.
  • Locating an old flame or friend from your past.
  • Fraud and Work Place Investigations
  • Obtaining and Verifying Sensitive Information.
  • Tailored Enquiries
  • The following is just a fraction of the services that we offer. 

We at Finest Security Services realize that in a world where rogue individuals and organized groups have the ability to foil national security, achieving unconditional sanctuary is no longer an option.

Individuals, corporations and governments alike must take the necessary measures to minimize their vulnerabilities and maximize their strengths in a discreet and intelligent manner.

Our security specialists begin by determining and evaluating the proper level of security requirements for both interior and exterior perimeters. Based on our evaluations and findings Finest Security Services will provide an in-depth report on our recommendations necessary to protect your property. With clients' authorization, Finest Security Services will implement these necessary safeguards.

At Finest Security Services, finding ways to assess, uncover, and address risk is our forte; regardless of your business disadvantages or detriments. Our services cover a wide range of security related needs but not limited to:  vulnerability assessments, executive protection, security risk consulting, security camera and alarm systems and contract security.

Finest Security Services can make available a number of services that provide an additional layer of security and safety. We offer assurance when confidence is lost, we empower executive leadership with the knowledge needed to assess critical situations and respond to them appropriately.

We work with you to uncover potential danger areas and vulnerabilities and we respond to them with a plan of action that eliminates issues before they arise.  Finest Security Services's team is comprised of former government agents providing experience in law enforcement, intelligence, surveillance, litigation support, narcotics issues as well as fraud detection and prevention.


Because of our vast experience and knowledge in private security services, Finest Security Services has the ability to achieve security goals successfully in any type of post. We have the flexibility, quality of training that enables us to offer a wide range of services to our clients. Many of our competitors tend to be less efficient and do not have the responsiveness and personal commitment to your protection as our locally owned and operated company. We simply offer the best value in private security.

  • On site Guard
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Alarm Response
  • Available Today !

Security Services

Private Investigative Services

Special Event Security

Background Screening

Security Guard Patrols

Commercial Property Protection


Security Tips

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Finest Security Services's vigilance and integrity ensures you are safeguarded:

  • Security/Risk Assessment
  • Security Consulting
  • Foreign Country Briefing
  • Security Cameras/Alarms
  • Security Force





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